eBikes: what’s yours?

The revolution is here and it's motorised - electric bikes are the new way to get around town by Owen Rice

Transport for London have recently launched a new initiative to get people who don’t currently cycle, out of their cars and onto two wheels. Bicycle usage in the UK is way down when compared to other European countries and we cannot blame it on the weather!

According to a recent European Commission Report, topping the cycling charts are the Netherlands (43% of whom say they cycle every day), Denmark (30%) and Finland (28%). Hotter countries like France (5%) and Spain (4%) compare similarly with us. In the UK just 4% of the population use a bike each day, while 69% say they never do.

It’s barely credible when one looks at our performance in cycling competitions and the plethora of Olympic medals our nation wins. With the right environment and positive encouragement it is likely we will respond well to the challenge and that’s precisely what TfL are helping to create.

Working closely with retailers like Cycles UK in London, the aim is to make taking an eBike for a trial cycle easier. On very short test rides, people who have been dismissive of eBikes suddenly ‘get it’ and are won over by their simplicity and usefulness. Even experienced cyclists, who can be a bit sniffy about eBikes, find their views changing when they have a go.

On an eBike, you can enjoy all the fun of cycling without having to be super fit or dress up in lots of lycra, and there’s a massive range of modern eBikes to choose from. Whether heading out for a spin out in the countryside, along the river or exploring the city on a quiet Sunday morning, there is a style and option for purpose.

The electric motor ‘assists’ pedalling rather than doing all of the work. This gives enough of a boost to face hills, or long commutes home at the end of a tiring day, without dread. But if it is the exercise you want from cycling – don’t fret, with a modern eBike you will still get a good amount of exercise. EBikes are limited to 15.5 miles an hour and the motors only work when the pedals are being used.

The latest eBikes use motors from the likes of Yamaha, Bosch and Shimano and have a range up to 90 miles. That’s almost far enough to get to the south coast and back! No wonder that eBikes are currently the fastest growing sector in the UK bike market, and London is at the centre of that trend.

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