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An evening of Champagne and Absolutely Fabulous frocks by Mel Hutton

it seems that many people from Bermondsey are still not aware that a new, thriving auction house exists within our midst. We were asked by one of our readers, who prides herself on knowing everything about the area, “Will The RIVER discover a new business underneath a manhole cover?”

We tootled along to enjoy champagne and nibbles at Kerry Taylor’s auction of Joanna Lumley’s fabulous frocks in aid of the Prince’s Trust.
Joanna Lumley Kerry Taylor Auction Champagne

“Kerry Taylor was a great hostess and her fledgling team oozed with passion

Quirky and wonderful characters mingled amongst the crowds as one would expect from followers of fashion with a particular interest in Ms Lumley’s personal and professional wardrobe.

Kerry Taylor was a great hostess and her fledgling team oozed with passion for the evening event and celebration of femininity.

Joanna’s descriptions from the podium regarding the provenance of her clothing was highly amusing as she slipped between being herself and Patsy. Surprisingly witnessing her letting go of possessions was a lesson in moving on from the past. At times she seemed a little melancholic to see the passing of memories and times gone by.

Joanna’s outfits were so attractive that at times we were tempted to make a bid ourselves so it’s no surprise that over £15,000 was raised for the Trust on the night. Look out for more events like this but don’t be surprised of you go as a spectator and end up a bidder!

Kerry Taylor Auctions Ltd
249-253 Long Lane
t: 020 8676 4600

Joanna Lumley Kerry Taylor Auction

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