Spring 2017

Dear Readers

Time to look up

It’s a disturbing truth that a typical British adult is now spending over 9 hours a day looking at a phone or computer screen. At some point this spiralling upward trend will surely stop and even begin dropping back down to a healthier level.

There is still hope! This Spring Nokia are releasing their old favourite model, the 3310, a phone that just makes calls and sends texts too – a sign that there is some appetite for a less ‘smart’ and high resolution way of interacting with the world.

The summer is not so far away… and when the sun comes out, screens don’t work so well and the world around us begins to look more appealing than it has for a long time. So, what better ways are there to fill our time instead with great culture; local arts/theatre, maybe dining out with friends, and leaving those screens behind?


Angela Webb

Angela Webb 2016

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